Corporate Training

Adding competency and capacity to your team


Our team provide a variety of bespoke design engineering training courses including virtual and face to face delivery both in open formats for individuals and in-house sessions for companies with a number of developing engineers.

Samson Forth trainers have a history in working with and developing graduate engineers building on their academic foundations with real world examples as they progress towards Chartership.

We offer training or mentorship for key staff, external mentorship and project oversight providing guidance by the hour. We help your teams understand liabilities and accountabilities which increases knowledge and decreases risk for your organisation.

We build engineers (Graduates don’t know what they don’t know!)

We can help educate on the commercials behind a business, its sustainability and improving the efficiency of your engineers leading to a sense of belonging, increased staff engagement and a feeling of investing in your team.

Our trainers and mentors allow your staff to ask the stupid questions and talk to someone who isn’t involved in their appraisals and is simply focused on developing the skills of younger or less experienced engineers.
Our support will help them take on jobs above their confidence level

Our team can also assist with setting up and running a monitored professional development scheme on your behalf helping to driving productivity and staff engagement. 

We can develop different types of support packages for your team or individual engineers covering bespoke training, project support with extra checking / oversight of team members, mentoring of individuals by holding them to account and provide support to gain the experiences needed for Chartership.  

Call it tutelage / mentorship / supervision, whatever you like, SFA provides guidance, support and training to take graduates to the next level of skills and maturity.

You are looking here for a reason. It just takes a short call to establish how we can work best for you.